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About Us

Regenerating Me Essentials was built to provide tools and resources to help you come in union with yourself. We believe that once you learn how to love, encourage, motivate, and except yourself; it will be natural to give the same energy to others.

We know that law of attraction is real so we created "Affirmation," apparel for you to wear. As you look in the mirror to get dress you have no choice but to speak words of Kindness and Power into your subconscious. Furthermore, walking down the street will cause the curious ones to read your Affirmation apparel softly to themselves or out loud! Causing further affirmatory energy exchange to you and the reader. Each time the words are read it will bring forth the healing, confidence, courage, etc. you or the outside readers lacks!

Crystals were developed through nature, they help you connect more to the Universe and Earth. They are limitless in different types, textures and levels of energy they carry. At glace the perfect crystal will attract your attention in Divine time. We have a beautiful collection to get you started on your crystal journey.

Yoga means "Union," and as we mention in the beginning our purpose with this site is to bring forth Union with self! We were careful to select products that we felt could help you stay excited about your daily Yoga and Meditation routines.

We have accompanied the site with candles, teas, salt lamps and oil diffuses because what is yoga and meditation without the rights tools that created a relaxing serene vibe!

In addition we know that the woman is the nurturer and to keep it that way we added some female holistic wellness products on the site. Wherever there is a healthy woman, there is a healthy and happy family. 

Last but not least don't forget to check out the "Visionary Dreamer 90 Day Journal," or "Transform Your Life Workbook!" 

What's self healing and discovery if you can't invest time in yourself to write about!

With all of that being said, Happy Shopping and Regeneration!

Thank you for your business.

Regenerating Me Essentials