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Baby Theme Vision Box

Something different, every day.

Regenerating Me Vision Boxes are an Unique Gift for yourself, loved one or a Special Event gift.

Each Vision Box is meditated over to send positive energy to the receiver.

Every box will be packed with different items and handmade products to match the theme that was purchased.

What is the purpose of a Theme Vision Box? Think of it as a vision board in box format without the messy glue and tape. Just write out your desires, gather your photos and date each one. Of course enjoy and use the gifts in the box first and then transform the Theme Vision Box into your Manifestation Box! Have faith and watch your words and visions become a reality one by one.

Disclaimer: Please note the photos are just some of the examples of the type of boxes and items that could come in your box. Each purchase order and name is meditated on for guidance from the Universe for the most beneficial items for each individual.

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